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The Con (eBook, ePUB)
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"My god! It's full of starfruit!"A hotel hosts a science fiction convention, a meeting of the Jane Austen Society, and, just possibly, an extraterrestrial presence. Enter a middle-aged SF fan with a troubled past, a lonely Janeite, a pair of genius fangirls, a nerd power couple, a duo of geeky brothers, Miss Austen's most disreputable character, and an elite athlete epically out of her element.And, of course, Azogo of Uirtkauwea'ki.Through syllabus and syllabub, cosplay and quests, a robot battle in a parking garage, an intoxicated visit to the Augur of Quaoar, an intimate three-body problem, and an Anglican LARP, our heroes must answer the cosmic question: does anything we do matter? Or is it all just a con?Includes related stories "Troll Bridge" and "Do You See What I See?"

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